Dutchess And The Duke Friday at the Dubliner in Seattle

Dutchess and the Duke Live 2008 at Wildrose photo by <a href=
Dutchess and the Duke Live 2008 at Wildrose photo by Jeffrey Scott
posted Thursday Apr 10th, 2008

Friday night in Seattle at the Dubliner, come on out to witness the spectacle of one of the Pacific Northwest's best new bands, The Dutchess And The Duke, as they harmonically slay their peers with an impeccably moving set. With the fun and impossibly great promise of good times the Fe Fi Fo Fums and the Flying Dutchmen delivered over the past few years, it's somewhat of a shock when you warm up to the sultry and heartfelt delivery of Jesse Lortz (of both the Fums and the Dutchmen) and Kimbery Morrison's (thee Dutchess from the Dutchmen) new exquisite format. As promised on their instantly celebrated debut 7" on Boom Boom Records last fall, The Dutchess And The Duke have miraculously crossed into the forbidden zone of folk-soaked music that's very easy to mishandle, yet their unmistakable flavor of authentic mid 60s British Invasion down-tempo potency is impossible to resist.

In the past few months, there's been the announcement of an album deal with Sub Pop subsidiary label, Hardly Art, and also a subsequent tour is in the works which should bring this enchanting combo all the way to the Midwest. The delectable style and seductive charm of their hand-crafted acoustic ballads would normally churn the stomach of any self-respecting rock 'n' roll fanatics based on the description, yet one quick listen to either "Reservoir Park" or "Mary" will quickly melt the hearts and resistance of anyone with good taste. Their sparse arrangements include campfire sing along-style hymns with haunting backup vocals galore, and just the instrumentation alone commands respect from anyone with an unhealthy affinity for authentic 60s sounds in this disgustingly digital age.

If you still get the chills when listening to the Rolling Stones' lesser known '65-66-era tracks like "Backstreet Girl," "She's A Rainbow," or "Sittin' on a Fence," you'll find instant pleasure and sonic gratification beyond your wildest dreams with just one dose of the Dutchess And The Duke's genuine take on these intensely remarkable captured sounds. And if the wait for their debut full-length in July has you sitting in a puddle of your own embarrassing drool, they are working on a follow-up 7" to be released on HoZac Records later this Spring. Check out a track called "The Prisoner" from the upcoming LP, right HERE, and be sure to catch them in one of their rare live appearances Friday night at the Dubliner with the Sights and Moondoggies.