This Week in NYC: Dot Dash Year IV

Rocket From The Tombs at Abbey Pub 2003 by Canderson
Rocket From The Tombs at Abbey Pub 2003 by Canderson
posted Tuesday Jul 25th, 2006

The Dot Dash Year: IV fest is upon us this week in New York City, and we've got a run-down of the weekend's rowdy lineup of miscreants right here. Thursday night starts off at Southpaw with the snarling and bedraggled drug-strut of LiveFastDie, who are nothing short of an angeldusted delight. After their bedroom DIY recordings made the rounds last year, it had us sweating like a slob in anticipation of an actual release. "Fat Guy With An Ipod" is still the unsung classic it was meant to be, and their debut album on Deadbeat should already be close to your heart. Pissed Jeans, from Allentown, PA are everything you've ever wanted in an angry, slow-burning, AmRep-style jarring noise outfit. In their own words, they describe their sound as "...the musical equivalent to watching a toilet flush," despite the fact that they list the Whittingtons (Sack o' Shit party boys from Kankakee, IL) as a primary influence. Next up are the Carbonas from Atlanta who have in the last year, taken the underground punk world by storm despite the fact that their second LP had been on hold for what seemed like forever. At the top of their game, they could easily steal the show the first night. Up next are the ever-reliable Marked Men from Denton, TX who are unstoppable to say the least. Pop music turned up as hard & fast as it gets, so do yourself a favor and don't miss out. Headlining the first night is Texas 80s punk legends, the Dicks, who haven't made the rounds at the 'fests' quite yet, but with their solid reputation and Gary Floyd's presence, it should be a sight to behold.

Friday's show starts out with NYC's Turpentine Brothers, and then Detroit's Hentchmen grace the stage next. It's still hard to believe these guys are the same band as they were in 1995. The sounds have definitely changed a lot, but the guys remain the same. The Original Sins have the next turn and it's been a long time since their name has made the rounds on the underground rock'n roll circuit. A real nasty treat from the late 80s, and sure to destroy. Check out Brother JT's solo stuff on Birdman Records, too. Pittsburgh's Cynics are up next and return for another classic 60s-style organ-drenched dance-party that's been running for almost 20 years. Then, the Friday headliners and original 1966 Back From the Grave heavy-hitters, the Alarm Clocks will take the stage armed with their signature teen-age pimple-punk anthems, and specifically their signature hit, "No Reason To Complain." Reports from the field have been nothing but good, so a wild ass-shaking epidemic is guaranteed to take place. Truly a timeless teen-punk inspiration.

Saturday begins with a daytime show & cookout at the Magnetic Field in Brooklyn with sets by Digital Leather, the Konks, and Spider Bags. Don't miss out on a chance to start drinking early, and be sure to get down there in time. On over to Southpaw, Saturday night's show begins with a new NYC area band, the Imaginary Icons, who will have their debut 7" on Daggerman Records out in time for the show. Memphis' Angry Angles are up next and will undoubtedly be seething with energy in all directions, so keep an eye on them to steal the show tonight. DC Snipers, ironically from the NYC area, are hot on the heels of their debut album on Deadbeat Records and are basically (along with the Little Killers) a Dot Dash institution. Impossible to describe and essential to see and hear. Speaking of which, the Little Killers have held the fort down at the DD compound the longest and return once again to break some glass and fry some brains. Check out their second album out on Gern Blandsten Records. And finally, the crowning act of the weekend's festivities is none other than Cleveland proto punk godfathers, Rocket From the Tombs. If you haven't had the chance to witness Crocus Behemoth, Cheetah Chrome, Craig Bell and company, you're really in for a mindbender. The blueprint of psychedelic punk at it's finest, even if it is thirty years after their conception, and a great way to end another wild weekend in New York City. More information HERE, and tickets still available HERE.