Deerhunter, Jay Reatard & Silver Daggers at Drunken Unicorn

Deerhunter Live 2007 by <a href=
Deerhunter Live 2007 by Pete Nema
posted Tuesday May 1st, 2007

Saturday in Atlanta at the Drunken Unicorn, be sure not to miss one unforgettable night guaranteed to stretch the boundaries of most musical palettes in the house. First up are the Silver Daggers from the LA area, who have been festering under the surface for the past few years. Their lineup includes Jenna Thornhill of Mika Miko on saxophone, and have recently released an album on Load Records, staying true to the label's lineage of producing antagonistic and unsettling noise that escapes categorization. With nervously waivering rhythms interlaced with abstract skronks and screams, it's disonant and fitful squelches could either clear out a room or pack it to the gills, all depending on the crowd's inclination toward the more experimental strain of modern noise/punk.

Next up is Jay Reatard, who by now needs no introduction. He's got a new direction, a new solo sound and he has recently enlisted the Boston Chinks as his backup band for his upcoming European tour, so look out, and be ready to be awe struck. The energy, anger, and blood is still all in place, but Jay has effectively channeled his rage into a new blueprint, one of which may finally expose some of his more pop tendencies which lurk coyly beneath his intimidating exterior. Jay's new record, and the next batch of songs coming out will really set him apart, so don't think you've seen it all.

Headlining tonight's show is Deerhunter, a band who's name many have seen before in association with Die Slaughterhaus and the rest of the Atlanta Underground, who are fronted by one Bradford Cox. Their lofty and serene songs may fit in better with an indie rock scenario rather than the sullied and urchinesque primal stomp of their hometown cohorts, but there's something lingering under that filthy lingere Bradford's wearing, and if you give them a chance, it will start to get under your skin. If you picked up the mind-numbing split 10" with Bradford Cox and the Black Lips' Cole Alexander released last year, you'll have an inkling of what to expect with Deerhunter, and you can check out some of their songs off their Flourescent Grey EP and Cryptograms LP released on the Kranky label last year, right HERE.

check out a Deerhunter video right here...