Davila 666, Mannequin Men Burn through Brooklyn Friday

Davila 666 live, photo by <a href=
Davila 666 live, photo by Gómez-Arzola
posted Wednesday Jul 15th, 2009

Davila 666 are on tour right now with the Mannequin Men, and are meeting up with the The Back CCs, featuring Jack, the former guitar player from the Black Lips, Friday night at the Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY. The Mannequin Men just released their third album, Use Your Illusion, Too and are drunk in the glow of their recent hype. Everyone from NPR to Time Out, to the vast number message boards are boasting about their ability to pump oddly venomous pop tunes, while sideswiping the whole "garage thing," (editor's note: "Garage," due to its overuse, has simply become a word to describe bands that have to load their own gear in at a venue that seats no more than 400 people.) and step up with a sound that sticks in your guts like a four pound wad of Bubble Yum. Truth be told, they prove their bones once again with Use Your Illusion, Too, as Mannequin Men completely burn through any low expectations with blistering songs that throw the whole blanket categorization of "garage" into the fire pit where it belongs, so don't forget to pick up their new album on Flameshovel Records, right here.

The Puerto Rican imports, Davila 666 are blazing a deep trail as well, with a debut album on In The Red, and a couple of new 7" singles out this month, ranging in such raging tunage as songs that go from jangly pow-wow, held together by gang-slapped hand claps in the place of the drums with the song "Dimelo Ya," to sonically airy and soft tunes like "Tu," that ramp up an odd Jesus and Mary Chain vibe. Showing language barriers hardly have a chance of standing too long in the face of the gusting winds of perfectly scrappy and sincere pop. You can pick up their excellent In The Red LP here, but you'd be a straight-up fool if you didn't grab a copy of their HoZac single here, and their new Douche Master single here.