posted Thursday Jun 1st, 2006

Chicago’s Cococoma first got together as the husband and wife team of Bill and Lisa Roe. They soon asked friend Mike Fitzpatrick, who is also in Headache City with Lisa and The Latest with Bill, to join in on the keys, and together they make music that comes off like a steamy pile of grandiose muck. Their songs are loud, fast and catchy, and for some reason they make me feel silly in a collared shirt. I think mainly it’s the informal “we’re all in this together” sound they got going on that brings back aural visions of the 80s hardcore chorus song-a-long that gave Kevin Seconds a career––and with a Farfisa too! -They have a communal sound that’ll kick you right in the chalupa. Often singing the chorus together over a wall of danceable fuzz, they’ve got a seriously infectious appeal. Bill’s gruff vocals spill over his drumming like an erupting spume of a warm beer and fits in nicely with the manic trotting container that Lisa’s guitar sound produces. It’s ruff in all the right places and will surely get you humming the perfectly unintelligible lyrics. Their first single on Shit Sandwich, which came out earlier this year rips through three songs without a breather. You can hear one of the tunes "Premonition" on their Myspace site along with their side of the recently released split with The Mans on the newly established Covert Pop label and an unleased track. Look out for another single and full-length LP out on Goner coming this fall.
Here's a video too: