photo by Chris Anderson
photo by Chris Anderson
posted Friday May 23rd, 2014

The Chrome European Tour kicked off Tuesday in Munich at Strom. It's great to see Helios Creed has taken up with Chrome once again, as their influence is a vast web just under the skin of modern music that extends from weirdo synth stuff (from Wizzard Sleeve all the way to stuff like Soft Moon) and beyond the great wall of pop, and finally reaching to industrial and metal music.

After landing back on Earth a couple of years ago and playing the HoZac Blackout Fest in 2013, Chrome seems to have caught fire again, as Helios stretched his back, and now is ready to take on Europe. With all the reissues popping up on various labels, the first four were reissued over the past 4 years: The Visitation, Alien Sound Track, Half Machine Lip Moves, Red Exposure and ultimately Half Machine From The Sun, The Lost Chrome Tracks From '79-'80 the double LP that came out last November that has a trove of previously unreleased Chrome material during their late 70s period. Even still to this day, they are one of the most criminally underrated bands in the history of moodier music, so Euro Dudes and Dudettes, please don't miss this chance to catch Chrome live and in person.


May 22, 2014 Italy Torino Magazzino at Sul Po
May 23, 2014 Italy Bologna at Freekout
May 24, 2014 Italy Milano at Cox 18
May 25, 2014 CH Bern Reitschule
May 29, 2014 Spain Barcelona at Primavera Festival
May 31, 2014 France Marsaille at L'Embobineuse
June 1, 2014 France Paris at Le Point Ephemere
June 2, 2014 Belgium Kortrijk at Cine Palace
June 3, 2014 Germany Frankfurt at Das bett
June 4, 2014 Germany Cologne at Underground
June 6, 2014 Austria Ebensee at Kino
June 8, 2014 Germany Berlin at Babylon
June 9, 2014 Czech Rep. Prag Lucerna at Music Hall
June 11, 2014 Denmark Copenhagen at Loppen
June 12, 2014 Norway Oslo at Bla
June 14, 2014 FIN Helsinki √Ą√§nivalli at Fight the night festival
June 16, 2014 SE Stockholm at Liffey`s Basement
June 18, 2014 Germany Hamburg at Markhalle
June 19, 2014 Holland Rotterdam at Vibes
June 20, 2014 Holland Amsterdam at OCCII
June 21, 2014 UK London at Electrowerz

Check out the video for "Meet You In The Subway" HERE:

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