Christmas Island, The Beets and Beach Fossils Tour Kicks Off at Cake Shop

Christmas Island Live at Stork Club, Oakland 2009 photo by <a href=
Christmas Island Live at Stork Club, Oakland 2009 photo by Canderson
posted Tuesday Feb 9th, 2010

Tonight in Brooklyn at Cake Shop, don't miss the kickoff show for the Christmas Island, Beets and Beach Fossils tour as it roars up, and braves the blizzard conditions all up and down the east coast this week and next. Beach Fossils are from Brooklyn and they've just released their debut 7" single on Captured Tracks which coasts in with a hazy, yet distantly bright pop sound that doesn't fall too short of Blank Dogs territory, yet manages to escape the darkness with an uplifting dreamy and steamy post-punk flutter that really hits the spot. Look for their debut LP to land next month as a co-release by Captured Tracks and Woodsist Records.

The Beets are another one of the new breed of care-free sloptastic young melodic punk bands roaming the echoed chambers of the Captured Tracks halls of hegemony, and sure enough, their slurred and blurry-eyed chorus-filled songs are easy to warm up to, and hard to shake off. If you don't own and play the hell-out of their Spit In The Face... debut LP, then you might as well convince yourself that it's time to get that sex change operation after all. Fey and rambling, messy and bright, The Beets are more than just an energy-proficient root vegetable but are definitely one of Brooklyn's most fun-loving, non-serious creative messes right now, so don't stop to wonder and get their records in your hands and their songs in your head, pronto.

And Christmas Island, damn. One of our favorite San Diego bands and musical miracle-workers, no less, when it comes to crafting impeccable pop with minimal instrumentation on each record they unleash. Last year's self-titled debut LP released on In The Red was one of the year's brightest albums, and we hope their name becomes ingrained in the soft parts of your skull before long, as their ability to rustically assemble pure pop enchantment with the slightest effort still charms the pants right off me, and it will yours, too. Christmas Island blend their songs so well, it's like a carefully unintentional take on the Urinals guitar sound, meshed irreverently with energetic bursts and perfect pop nuances we haven't heard in ages. That said, don't leave yourself out to dry and snatch up their debut LP HERE, along with their latest 7" single on Captured Tracks as well, as these guys are by far one of the best new bands going today, regardless of whichever genre you care to place them within.

Whatever you do, don't be late and do not miss the always intriguing Anasazis along with Total Slacker, which fortify this tour-kickoff show with solid good times all around.

Check out a music video for The Beets' song "On Your Toes" right here:

and don't miss the bands all around the east coast:::

Feb 9 – Cake Shop - Manhattan, NY with Total Slacker, The Anasazis

Feb 10 – Cafe Nine - New Haven, CT with Procedure Club

Feb 11 - The Cottage - Boston, MA with Maine Coons

Feb 12 - SMOG at Bard College - Annadale on Hudson, NY with Family Friends

Feb 13 – Death by Audio - Brooklyn, NY

Feb 15 – Terrordome - Philadelphia, PA with Reading Rainbow

Feb 16 - We Fought the Big One presents: Velvet Lounge -Washington, DC

Feb 17 - Blue Nile - Harrisonburg, VA

Feb 18 - Terrace - Princeton (University,) NJ

Feb 19 - The Corner Cafe - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Feb 20 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg with Crystal Stilts and German Measles