Cheveu/Tyvek Tour Rolls Into The Funhouse

Cheveu Live in Paris 2007 by <a href=
Cheveu Live in Paris 2007 by Andrew Scott
posted Thursday May 10th, 2007

This week along the Northwest coast, two very interesting species of misunderstood vertebrates will convene at the Funhouse for a deliciously grotesque night of bent chords and lost inhibitions. The 'Franco-American Friendship Tour' arrives in Seattle on Saturday, and aligns with two of the city's most respected bookends of underground sound, the A-Frames and Rob Vasquez' most recent band, Nice Smile. Cheveu, from Paris France, have already made one trip to the US last fall and left a trail of dazed and stunned carcasses babbling incessantly about dots and dashes in their wake. With two great singles in their bag, and a continuous flow of strange new material, don't let the chance slip away to witness something truly this unique in a live setting. Their valiant touring cohorts are Detroit's soon-to-be-canonized troop of trailblazers, Tyvek, who mesh with Cheveu like two nuts in a sack, and absorb the splintering fragments of post-punk's most melodic and abstract grooves like no other. And if that wasn't enough already, SS Records has released a tour-style split 7" EP for Tyvek and Cheveu that needs to be in your hands, so if you're geographically disadvantaged on this tour, don't wait to pick one up right HERE. Check out Tyvek and Cheveu pillaging through Vancouver on Friday at Pub 340 and all next week down the California coast ending at the Echo Lounge in Los Angeles on May 20th.

Tour Dates:
11/05/07 @ Pub 340 w/arthrose aujourd hui, Vancouver (Canada)
12/05/07 @ Funhouse w/ A Frames & Nice Smile, (Seattle)
13/05/07 @ Le voyeur w/Charming snakes, (Olympia, WA)
14/05/07 @ SS Marie Antoinette, w/ Coconut Coolouts & Talbot Tagora; all ages (Seattle)
15/05/07 off /
16/05/07 @ Artistery w/ Eat Skull (2 members of Hospitals); starts early! all ages! (Portland)
17/05/07 @ 21 Grand w/Red Nurse & Pets; all-ages (Oakland)
18/05/07 @ Hemlock tavern w/Nice Smile, San Francisco
19/05/07 @ Dam House w/ Nothing People & Nice Smile; food 7:00; 1st band 7:30 (Davis, CA)
20/05/07 @ The Echo -Part time Punks club w/Glass Candy, (Los Angeles)

here's a video clip of Cheveu and Tyvek together onstage from last fall...