Cheveu & KK Rampage at the Cobra Lounge in Chicago

Cheveu live at Hemlock, SF 2007 photo by <a href=
Cheveu live at Hemlock, SF 2007 photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Mar 6th, 2008

Cheveu are in the midst of their US tour and are making stops all over the midwest. This Friday in Chicago they'll be playing FREE! a show at the Cobra Lounge with KK Rampage. Cheveu is a Parisian trio who play a brilliant synthesis of primitive repetitions and electronic punk that comes off as downtrodden, garbage disco for the unaffected. Their sound is oddly metallic, futuristically primordial with pulsating textures under gruff, almost spoken vocals. They sound like something cockroaches might listen to in some apocalyptic scenario. As part of the French Glue Wave that has set the underground aflame over the past couple of years, Cheveu are one of the most interesting sounding architects of this newly emerged form of music that incorporates elements of No-Wave and Post-Punk in a modern yet primitive flavor. After releasing 3 acclaimed singles over the past year and a half, Cheveu just released the US edition of their first full-length LP on the revered Sacramento label, SS Records.

KK Rampage open the show and though they might play with a similar sound, they depart with truly panic-inducing take on No-Wave with weird intermittent vocal harmonies that are rarely heard on the conscious side of a nightmare.

Here's the trailer for Joe Casey's video on their Franco American Friendship Tour featuring Tyvek & Cheveu.