Cheap Time & Wax Museums Tour Rolls Through Chicago

The Catburglars Live at Beat Kitchen 2006, photo by <a href=
The Catburglars Live at Beat Kitchen 2006, photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Jan 10th, 2008

Friday night at the Lucky Gator Loft in Chicago, you'd be out of your mind to miss the smashing lineup of bands lingering on some of the best modern punk sounds at this current moment in time. As the unstoppable Cheap Time / Wax Museums tour rolls into town, it's all coming together in the perfect format, a loft party right in the glamorous 'wig district' of North Milwaukee Avenue that's all-ages and BYOB, so there's no room for gripes, any way you slice it.

The night starts off with local nimrods the The Catburglars, who have clawed and drooled their way into becoming one of the most fun live bands in town, using belligerence as a heavy reference point, and casting structural song sophistication to the wind, they already don't care what you think, and that's alright with me. Busy Signals need no introduction either, and after their pummeling debut album on Dirtnap was released last October to rave reviews across the board, they have just planned a tour of Japan in late March of this year, which should even further solidify their cunning songwriting and streamlined aesthetic to the ever-so impressionable Japanese pop fanbase. Grab the LP HERE if you haven't already, and don't be expecting to find a used copy anywhere soon.

Cheap Time and Wax Museums are steamrolling through the Midwest and ruining everything in their path with the soiled sounds of today's feverish punk demons boiling up inside them. If you were shit out of luck on missing either band the last time either was in town, then you're really in for a good time Friday night. Wax Museums are now spreading their seeds all across the Atlantic, having their latest 7" EP called 'Ancient Structures,' released just a few months ago on the Swedish Ken Rock label, and adding another delightful level of moronics to the Scandinavian label's tapestry of hits. Look for their debut LP out later this year on Douche Master, which should inevitably be one of 2008's best platters and a testament to the gut-level immediacy and birdbrained greatness of the Wax Museums' endless bag of tricks. Cheap Time are playing to most Chicago folks for the first time since their show at Reggie's on the southside in October with The Smith Westerns and Busy Signals, and their Dickies-cum Red Cross stained wall of glam punk spunk is as invigorating as dumping rubbing alcohol on a freshly opened wound. With their impending debut LP on In The Red due out soon, and their second 7" coming out on Douche Master next month, it's just another reason why you'll be kicking yourself well into the next life if you stay home on the couch and miss this one. With a moderate cover charge, all-ages access and BYOB financial advantage all set in place, this show is gonna leave some serious scars on the ass of your questionable lifestyle for many years to come.

Check out Cheap Time performing "Zig Zag" at Pub 340 in Vancouver last year, courtesy of SeanLaw, right here...