Burning Yellows Record Release Tonight in Portland with Eat Skull & The Whines

Burning Yellows Live in Portland 2010
Burning Yellows Live in Portland 2010
posted Friday Apr 16th, 2010

Tonight in Portland, Oregon at the East End, come check out a fine array of local head-blasters and Columbus' own Psychedelic Horseshit as they cap off a night destined to drip with space junk juice and other indescribable delights. Kicking off the night are Portland's newest aural amphibians Burning Yellows, and the guests of honor in celebration of their debut 7" release this month on HoZac Records. They exude the perfect haunted jangle and simplistic pop parable to set the leering tone for the night's darker creatures to venture out into view. With a mesmerizing vibration running through their songs that perfectly fits with the drum machine's metronomic beat and meshes seamlessly with the hypnotic distant guitar splashes, Burning Yellows are destined to have Portland sit up and pay attention. If you haven't already had the chance to feel the sublime thrill of their recordings, you still have a chance to get a copy of their debut 7" from the band at tonight's record release show, or for the non-Portland folks reading, right HERE.

Next up are another knockout local band that we've blathered on about before, The Whines, who have after a lengthy hiatus, unleashed their debut LP, Hell To Play, this month on Meds Records. With less of a reverb inclination, The Whines strip it all down to the barest elements and deliver honest and unprescribed minimalist songs that capture the inner demons and chain them unnervingly to your velvet-lined inner sanctum. Their debut 7" EP on Just For The Hell Of It Records was one of our favorite platters of 2009, so if that record's ramshackle Velvet Underground-isms rang your bell, don't sleep on the LP and don't miss them live.

After The Whines, Portland's finest export, and best named band in town, Eat Skull will undoubtedly capture the hearts and child-like imagination of the crowd with their obtuse and completely original take on modern mutant punk sounds, assuredly causing organs to swell and hearts to palpitate. Be sure you grab their newest 7" EP on Woodsist and their two essential Siltbreeze LPs if you're somehow without them. And last but not least, wrapping up the evening's festivities are the lysergically-caked cretins Psychedelic Horseshit, who have re-upped their standing with a knockout double 7" EP on Columbus Discount Records recently, featuring their best material to date.

All in all, don't miss this fine evening soiled by cacaphonously-corrupted punk visionaries like these, and don't forget to grab those records before stumbling out the door.

Check out a video clip of The Whines, playing the hit "Indian Homewrecker" live at SMMR BMMR last year, courtesy of ZachsBooks, right here: