BREAKING SOUNDS: The Wax Museums 'Introducing' 7" EP

posted Friday Dec 29th, 2006

The Wax Museums are one of the best things going in the state of Texas right now, and it's about time you stopped to take a listen. Purely juvenile and antagonistic, but simple and innocent just the same, their refreshingly careless manner of playing punk rock is just plain irresistable in this world of complications and disappointment. This, their debut 7" on Rehab Records, is just a tiny offering of what's inside this broken chamber of hits, and even though the first side, "Mosquito," is over in under 60 seconds, it'll surely leave you in a state of craving. Their luridly captured echo-zoned-out vocals are some of the best in the business, and here they shine on "Worm" so sickeningly well, it fills me with joy thinking of all the other possibilities these guys could smash and deliver. Being off by a fraction of a second with the backup vocals gives it a convivial resonance not too far from the Trend, the Insults, and the Nubs, and if you're as big of a fan of musical imperfection as I am, you'll be cheaply thrilled with gratification well beyond the few measly dollars it costs to have this record in your hands. These three songs are culled from the two-piece home recordings of core members Paul and Daniel, who are now joined by Gaydolf Shitler and Jason Shart to form an interpretive live unit, but the charm and primitiveness remain unscathed. Just like everything else done with an air of inadvertent sophistication, they just make it look too easy and put together primordial punk songs that even wayward children could sing along with, as easily as your creepy circle of friends with dirty fingernails. You can tell with the Wax Museums this all comes natural, and the songs on this debut single prove that minimalism and restraint are still a powerful quotient in modern music, and with two more singles on the way in early 2007 ('Claw You Like A Cat' EP on HoZac and 'Rambo Knife' EP on Rehab), you'll soon get to indulge in even more dumb pleasure than you could have imagined. Check out some songs right HERE, and pick up this single HERE before the micro pressing of 300 runs out!

Catch the Wax Museums live this coming Wednesday, January 3rd as part of Beerland's Texas vs. Indiana showcase in Austin, and check out a video clip of "Stop, Don't Stop" here...