BREAKING SOUNDS: Watery Love 'Decorative Feeding' LP

posted Thursday Jul 3rd, 2014

Philadelphia's throbbing thugs, Watery Love, have effectively kicked the door down with this debut LP, echoing back to the nasty-caked mid 90s In The Red roster, chock full of Necessary Evils, Hospitals, and Cheater Slicks, and bringing the east coast Richie/TestosterTunes party crashing into full view. From the first needle drop to the last agonizing riff, the levels of discomforting death knells churn forth repeatedly, building one Flipper-fueled nightmare after another, burying their "Competing Odors" deep into your nasal cavity, causing instant elevation to their form of irritation.

But just because of your mild uneasiness, doesn't mean Watery Love have to stop, as they continue their pummeling, Art Thieves-style raw-nerved serving of repetitive groin rock, until the hairs start falling out of your head, and "Unlike you dickheads, I welcome death," will be ringing through your ears for the rest of eternity. Sucking you into their tar-streaked, post-pigfuck fantasy world won't be easy, but you can tell just by the tone in Richard Charles' voice, that he's not too concerned with consequences. With Daniel DiMaggio from Home Blitz on bass, it's a lock, so grab a copy of Decorative Feeding from In The Red direct right HERE, or from your favorite local record shop or mailorder.

And check out a live clip of Watery Love performing "I'm A Skull" from May 2014 right here: