BREAKING SOUNDS: Uh Bones 'Honey Coma' debut LP

posted Wednesday Aug 5th, 2015

Now here's an actual GARAGE BAND, people. This band, Uh Bones, has been stripping the pants off of Chicago for a couple solid years now and they've finally got their debut LP ready to blast off, a slurring, stirring and soulful album that straddles the line between the R&B-tinged sound of The Yolks, with an off-the-cuff slovenliness that just can't be matched. Originally consisting of Luke Trimble on vocals & guitar, Nick Beaudoin on bass and Joe Montanaro (Joey Rubbish) on drums, they morphed into a supergroup in their latest incarnation, now employing The Yolks' Nathan Johnson on Farfisa, Justin Vittori (Gross Pointe, American Breakfast, The Rubs) on drums, and Kenny from Magic Milk on guitar, and they're currently out on the road wrecking hearts and ripping farts, no doubt. But back to this "garage" thing, it's such a misused word, but this is the band that encapsulates it perfectly.

The Sonics, The Standells, and The Seeds, if the band you're using the word "garage' to describe doesn't closely echo anywhere near these three bands, then you just need to put that word down and walk away. Uh Bones' soon-to-be-classic "I'll Never" fits squarely in between The Seeds' "Up In Her Room" and The Standells 'Rari," and man is it a crusher. Nathan's throbbing organ isn't letting up until you're begging for mercy, and you might just find yourself stuck in a serious inner-space journey before Luke's honey-slidin' drawl shuts it all down. Modern classic straight-forward GARAGE here folks, nailed down effortlessly in the mid-tempo range, and headed straight for your groin. SO don't try and resist, catch Uh Bones on the last dates of their tour, and pick up a copy of the debut LP, out now on Randy Records, RIGHT HERE, or at your favorite record store.

8/6 San Francisco CA, Make Out Room
8/7 Portland OR, SMMR BMMR
8/8 Seattle WA, Pizza Fest
8/9 Spokane WA, Neato Burrito/Baby Bar
8/10 Missoula MT, Real Lounge
8/12 Sioux Falls SD, Total Drag

STREAM three tracks from the LP right HERE: