posted Friday Jun 30th, 2006

The mindbending sound of the majority of late 70s/early 80s 'DIY' bands is really enigmatic when you try to grasp it as a whole, but there are still a few present-day wandering souls who easily slide into the free-design 'bag' and manage to come out with something original. You didn't think the impact of bands like the Clone Defects and the Piranhas was just going to go away now did you? The real deviant sounds always travel best underground, as it's always been. Michigan home-wrap mongrels Tyvek aren't looking to smash your face in, and they really aren't even in the mood to party, but they still have something that you're missing from your outrageous lifestyle: delirious consistency. There's a familiar Rather Records collective sound, but it's clearly off on it's own trip altogether and the two songs successfully leave you wanting more. Oddly effective overlapping vocals, well-placed minor chording, and a knack for blank spaces of sound between their festering hooks is obviously to their benefit, and their handmade-looking debut 7" on X! Records probably won't convey what ingenuity lies within. As a matter of fact, it might even turn some people away, which is why we think it deserves your your attention, and of course, your filthy money. Out of the same breeding ground as X!'s brethren the Frustrations, Terrible Twos, and Heros and Villains, the guys in Tyvek are certainly rocking all the right boats in hopes of knocking everyone back to their sordid reality. This is just more evidence that the new order in Detroit is thriving on their own weird vibes and good times. They play Detroit's Holy Shit! Fest this weekend with some of the Midwest's best unknown noise-twisting groundbreakers such as Odd Clouds, Tentacle Lizardo and Lee Martin Computer Arm, all happily without your approval or consent. Pick up their debut single direct from X! or check them out tonight at the Holy Shit! Fest at Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit.
For a sample of the two Tyvek single tracks and two unreleased others, take a look HERE.

and here's this weekend's HOLY SHIT! Fest updated schedule:

June 30th Fri.
9pm - Fontana (singer/guitarist from Frustrations plays drums)
9:45 - Static Static (solo electronics and rock from New Orleans)
Hazmat (aka Max Cloud) 10:30
Odd Clouds (noise and horns) 11:15
Tyvek (wiery punk noise) 12am
Totally Bad Ass (heavy rock a la Motorhead) 12:45

Sat. July 1st
the Spitunes (teen rockers) 9pm
the Frustrations (young loud and snotty) 9:45
We March (true Ohio punks) 10:30
the Terrible Twos (ann arbor spastic noisey punk) 11:15
This Moment in Black History (of Cleveland) 12am
Lee Marvin Computer Arm (young loud and rockin') 12:45

Sun. July 2nd
Night Toucher (Grand Rapids, noisey prog-rock) 7pm
UvU (audio-visual noise duo) 7:45
Voltage (of Chicago, noisey Load-ish duo) 8:30
Bad Party (ex-Tamion 12 Inch & White Devil) 9:15
Perfect Weiners and Butts (what to say?) 10
Mammal (solo electronics and noise) 11:15
M. Sord (solo prog-drums and electronics from K-zoo) 12am
Viki (Detroits finst electronics) 12:45

$8 a night $19 for the whole weekend (1st night only)

at C.A.I.D. (formerly Detroit Contemporary)
5141 Rosa Parks
just N. of Warren
in Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood