BREAKING SOUNDS: Trampoline Team 'Make it Faster' LP

posted Wednesday Jan 20th, 2016

New Orleans' wiry and vicious ensemble known as Trampoline Team have arrived with their debut LP, Make It Faster out now on Pelican Pow Wow, and as soon as the needle drops on this smoking hot 45rpm foot-long missile to the dome, you won't even know how to handle the unavoidable burst of energy surging through your brain. Hopped-up melodic punk slop that cuts through the garbage and gets right into the hooks, the kind you'll be swinging from for dear life, as the pummeling rhythm cuts at you with every swipe of the drumsticks. Trampoline Team have all of the power you're looking for here, the anger and the speed go a long way, and the intertwined vocal slashings from Sam DeLucia and Michael Hohan quickly coalesce into a barnstorming head-on attack, ripe with an impeccable melodic fever you won't be able to kick from just chugging NyQuil.

If you're a fan of Nots and Negative Scanner, Trampoline Team is already right in your wheelhouse, careening back & forth between blasts of punk brilliance and harmonious pop savagery, boiling over with such ferocious and unrestrained rock'n roll mastery, it won't be more than a few minutes until you're sold on their unwavering and slyly seductive musical miasma. And the cover of the LP doesn't leave you cold either, I mean who can REALLY resist the allure of a burning mattress, not to mention, on that same mattress having the name of the band and the title of the LP goes a long way. And I'm not alone on this. Make It Faster is nothing short of a head trip you don't have to leave the couch for, except to flip the LP of course, but it's also another solid brick in the New Orleans punk pantheon and by all means worthy of your filthy lucre.

Available wherever fine records are sold, or direct from Pelican Pow Wow Records right HERE.

STREAM the debut LP right HERE:

And don't miss Trampoline Team on tour next month, including a stop in Chicago with MAMA and The Sueves at The Observatory!

2/9- New Orleans, LA at Siberia- Mardi Gras Day Show with Heavy Lids, Black Abba, more.

2/11- Birmingham, AL at Spring Street Firehouse

2/12- Savannah, GA at The Furnace with COEDS, Garden Giant, and Been Earthed

2/13- Richmond VA at Bellytimber with Nervous Ticks

2/14- Brooklyn, NY

2/16- Cleveland, OH at Now That's Class with Kill the Hippies, Tonawandas

2/17- Madison WI at High Noon Saloon with The Hussy, Proud Parents, No Hoax

2/18- Milwaukee WI at Quarters with Platinum Boys, The Pukes

2/19- Chicago, IL at the Observatory with MAMA, Sueves, Voluptuals

2/20- Memphis, TN at Murphy's with NOTS, Aquarian Blood