BREAKING SOUNDS: The Time Flys 'Rebels of Babylon' LP

posted Friday Feb 2nd, 2007

Oakland's most revered quartet of unaffected malcontents, the Time Flys have a brand new album out this week, and if you had your ears anywhere near bent to their last offering, you'll be very excited to hear that it's right up the same dirty alley of satisfaction. The label is Birdman again, the new album is called Rebels of Babylon, and even from the cover image of a dilapidated societal setting where the lithe and surly members of the Time Flys are painted, it's all prime gutter-level pop played in a style all their own, which you can warm up to upon the first listen. Overlapping lead vocals with bleeding backup vox and scrambled with an incendiary guitar tone that shears everything in sight, but leaves their 'un-punk' long hair image intact a la mid 70s rulebreakers like Low Numbers, Bizzaros, DMZ and Bold Chicken. With only two previously released ("Energy" and "Shark Song" on earlier singles) songs and an armload of revved, stroked and smashed originals, this sophomore LP will further infuriate the non-believers, and simultaneously jerk off the disciples with songs that range from simple rippers about romance and violence to their call to arms against the retarded 'genre,' marketed to the mindless as stoner rock. As one of the best bands on the West coast, the Time Flys are hardly a throwback, and consistently prove that there's so much more to uncover, as to their ability to create exciting music in these modern times of image consultation, strategic pandering, and false pretenses. Rebels of Babylon will hopefully result in another tour this year, and if you're anywhere near the San Francisco area tonight, stroll on down to the Knockout Bar for their official record release party with support from the Pets and Apache. Check out some new songs HERE and pick up the new album right HERE .