posted Tuesday Sep 16th, 2008

Already a major force in the pop music underworld, you may have heard the name Sweet Faces by now as one of the side-project bands from The Fevers' Brian Hermosillo, or have you? As one of the three overly-prolific members of The Fevers, these recordings are from Brian's time spent in Holland recently, and if you haven't taken a listen, you'd better get ready. As remarkable new pop records seem to break out on a weekly basis, and with competing ratty-tatted hair-do bands all clamoring for an inkling of the credibility that comes with the horribly abused "pop" moniker (you can always pick them out by the over-accessorized white denim, white-rimmed sunglasses, zebra striped pants, and the omnipresent Exploding Hearts fixation), it's punchy little records like this that make a much bigger impression and make it all worthwhile. With their debut On Top of That Girl 7" EP out this week on Douche Master Records, Sweet Faces have officially arrived with four loaded songs of precious pop paragon that pull the same infectious lines as The Fevers at points, yet offer expanded examples of the quietly brooding genius that swirls around in Hermosillo's sugar-shocked brain.

Along with Michael of the under-appreciated 90s pop renegades, The Pooh Sticks, and pal Leslie, Brian has embarked on a new limb with Sweet Faces, sating the desires of the discriminating pop connoisseurs with four incredibly moving songs that swoon and dip with the impeccable prowess that keeps this gang up there with the authentic masters of the craft. Their secret weapon, the track titled "Here Come The Nice Boys" that fills out the a-side, takes on such a hypnotic pathos that you'll find yourself humming it's chorus endlessly, and wondering how you ever lived without it.

Overall, this is a complete smash of a 7" EP well worth grabbing while you still can, right HERE, along with the excellent new record by The Perfect Fits and debut LP by the Wax Museums. Once you're addicted, keep up the hope that some of their other unreleased tracks (check out three more HERE) may surface in a playable format sometime soon, as with the unfortunate recent dormancy of The Fevers, we need all the Fever B we can get!