BREAKING SOUNDS: Static Static 'Satanic Speakers' 7"

posted Friday Feb 9th, 2007

After hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area, Detonations member John Henry and MissMassDestruction headed for the hills of Los Angeles to seek out a new life among the pieces of plastic landscape littering southern California. Months later, the two re-emerged as an apocalyptic and energetically grim and dismal electronic duo going by the name of Static Static, with no real future and no past to live up to, but with a whole new sinister sound (they also brought in Lesley (previously of the Red Aunts) on drums for the live shows). Although lo-tech electronic living room recordings are still perpetual phenomenon across the globe at this point, with the waves generated by VOLT and the tight cadre of French glue-wavers, and with surreal stateside stuff by Spider, Destruction Unit and Leper Print, it's undoubtedly a great new movement for homemade music. This debut 7" by Static Static on the Babytooth label was pressed up for a short tour and elegantly screened in an ungodly hand numbered edition of 100 copies. The two throbbing tracks contained within show a simple approach to creating repugnant rhythms seared with instruments so blown out, you really can't be sure what's a guitar or a keyboard anymore, but it still sounds great. "Satanic Speakers" hums with a cranium-penetrating silky groove that could even (gasp!) be a 'dance floor' hit at one of those forbidden 'underground clubs,' yet it's raw and catchy choruses might weigh in as quite savage. The flipside, "Mutation" is an equally menacing and danceable song that sticks to your socks right away, and before you know it, you're left panting for more. According to their profile, they are participating in an upcoming double 7" picture book release alongside fellow monstrosities Microshard, White Lies and Spider, so keep an eye out, and check out the two songs off the single HERE. Hmm, it looks like they still might have a few copies of this available too.