BREAKING SOUNDS: Soft Candy debut 7"

posted Monday Aug 22nd, 2016

A truly sophisticated pop band that knows it’s way around the Byrds/Beatles/Zombies/Love territory quite well, Soft Candy recently came out of dormancy after being out of commission for a couple years when one of the original band members left town. The band reconfigured and bounced back and just in time for a debut single rich with flourishes that eerily echo those riveting ‘Fading Yellow’ vibes and hazy UK dream pop that always delivered on such labels at Parlophone, Hansa, Deram, and Harvest, of course. Their command of their instruments is impeccable, their bizarre stage presence always provocative, and this double A-side of impenetrable songs are just too torturous for you to pass up. Angelic baroque pop entranced with hypnotic rhythms, delivered with genuine style, there really just isn’t much on this level.

It’s a shame how many mediocre bands gravitate around the ‘pop/psych’ genre these days, as there really are a few brilliant examples of the form done right. Most of the best examples are usually overshadowed by the goofy baseball cap and tie-dye shirt ‘garage/psych’ crowd, and if you’re sick of that, then consider this the real deal. Far-out guys with serious classical influences and real-deal kaleidoscope eyes, not stoney bros in jean vests with man-buns and IPA-stained cut-off shorts. Soft Candy may not be for everyone and that’s ok, it’s delicate, it’s intricate, and it’s flat out-mesmerizing, causing that ‘frission’ to kick in during the first ten seconds of each side of this immaculate debut single.

Grab a copy of the debut 7" at finer record stores everywhere, or direct from HoZac right HERE.