BREAKING SOUNDS: Snooty Garbagemen s/t LP

posted Wednesday Jul 1st, 2015

Houston, TX's newest sanitation exploitation combo Snooty Garbagemen have arrived in the revered LP format and hath burst upon your ears with the gusto and conviction that only the highest paid and grimiest-fingered city workers can muster. Featuring illicit and covert members of Real Energy, No Talk, Titan Blood, Secret Prostitutes, and the latest Obnox project Blaxxx, they've got the cans stacked in their favor, meaning that that special juice isn't gonna be running down their arms and legs, just yours. It's a barrel-chested affair to say the least, and Snooty Garbagemen run down the same soiled rails as other highly-recommended acts such as Watery Love and Pampers, and yet still maintain a ferocity under close control that sets them off on a course a touch more melodic, yet just as filthy and putrid as the business in which they revel.

Austin's 12XU Records has unleashed this compost-stuffed debut LP and it's time to clean up that face of yours and go out and buy it like a real upstanding citizen, you know the kind that still cleans up after themselves, and has the balls to take a chance on something new in a predictable world, or are there any of you still left out there? So don't clean up your shitty apartment, don't wash those jeans and don't forget to dig into what's left of your pockets and pick up this scorcher at your favorite local record store or mailorder spot, or direct from 12XU right here.

STREAM "Sad Sack" from the debut LP right here:

And check out a full live set from Snooty Garbagemen from a couple months ago, right here: