BREAKING SOUNDS:Radar Eyes Positive Feedback 7"

posted Thursday Feb 6th, 2014

Radar Eyes and People's Temple with the support of Outer Minds, celebrate their new releases at the Volcano Room (upstairs at Bottom Lounge) tonight, and you can find event details here.

We’re excited to be releasing our third Radar Eyes 7”. On the toes of their sophomore LP, also due out on HoZac, this single slings two tracks that really define a new direction for the band. Since the last release, Radar Eyes have gone through a bit of a line-up change and they now include Russ Calderwood who was also in such luminary Chicago bands as The Brides, The Dirges, and most recently, The Runnies. And for those who couldn’t keep their ears off the their “Shakes” or “Miracle” singles, don’t fret, that soaring psych-pop and those twangy guitar harmonies haven’t eluded their deep clutch on modern rock’n roll songwriting.

The A-side, “Positive Feedback,” has the same brilliant and glorious vocal interplay and ardent guitar strangling that sold us on them years ago. All of you panting over the Paisley Underground and JAMC comparing will still be relevant and we guarantee it will get you laid.

There will be silk screened Gold editions of 150 available at the show, so you'd better grab one there, or you can pick up Radar Eyes new single and Peoples Temple new LP from HoZac direct, right here.

Jam out to the a-side here.