BREAKING SOUNDS: Palpöm "Like Pulling Teeth"

posted Thursday Aug 24th, 2017

Its been a while since we had some sinister new Swedish punk damage and thanks to our friends at Push My Buttons, we've got an aggressively agitated slab ready for you whimpering ear holes. Palpöm are an older project band from 2013, but only by a few years, and featuring members of Henry Fiat's Open Sore, as well as Holograms, it's a nasty, serrated ripper. Sizzling synths lead off the desperate and agonizing vocals, and as the bass & guitar seep in, it's another crack to the head. Screamers, Fad Gadget, and Nervous Gender all come to mind here, as the rage comes seeping back and forth over a simple metronomic rhythm. Really well done, hope there's more of this stuff.

Sounding like something blasting straight out of 1979, Palpöm manage the keep it raw and minimal, perfectly crushing any expectations, and brandishing an anthemic post punk high watermark. And thanks to Push My Buttons, this slab can finally be yours in a physical format you can trust, the 7" 45rpm record.

STREAM "Like Pulling Teeth" right here, and this might be hard to find in the US, but going direct is always a good idea when it comes to records, so hit up Push My Buttons direct right here.