BREAKING SOUNDS: Organs Get It Right 7" EP

by Rawce
posted Tuesday May 17th, 2011

Brooklyn humans, Organs, play four solid, pre-psych ditties on their newly released Get It Right EP. And if that’s not enough for you creeps out there (yeah, I had to say it, you people are creeps), included is a one sided, one song flexi because, well, the world needs formats that can double as bookmarks.

All songs on the EP are well crafted bits of Back From The Grave-inspired rock n’ roll – at times comparison to Canadian stompers Les Sexareenos is unavoidable. But despite that, the tweaked, Dicky Hell-ish vocals set The Organs apart from the standard basement emanations from the early 2000’s. “Goin’ Home” shows the band’s attention to detail, pulling off some off-measure arrangement that so many bands within the applied genre don’t seem to fucking understand.

Unfortunately, the song featured on the bonus flexi, “Makin’ Love”, is NOT a cover of the Sloths’ tune, but I’m willing to look past that, at least for the time being. Again, a solid release, and fans of tail-feather shaking music will not be disappointed. Nice job, people, and pick up the Organs 7" EP right HERE.