BREAKING SOUNDS: Nice Face Thing in My Head 7"

posted Monday May 19th, 2008

As the cream continues to rise to the top of the faceless band heap, it's comforting to know that at least one of the emerging bacterial microbes isn't just faceless, but yet goes by the overly confident moniker, Nice Face. Stewing in the familiar primordial DEVO juices that helped the Blank Dogs grow fins and crawl out of the nutrient agar, Nice Face have their debut 7" out this month on Sacred Bones Records. Both songs etch themselves into your cranium with laser precision, and will surely usher in vast amount of praise for this irresistible new noise-bender. If you're already a fan of this darkly alluring wrong wave of rock'n'roll that's been undulating brain spaces across the globe, it's now your prerogative to secure yourself a copy of this compelling two-song tome of introspective punk oddness, post haste.

As the a-side's "Thing In My Head" locks you into its hypnotic synth pattern instantly, as emphasis on the echo-laden vocals hearkens back to the best of the early 80s DIY bedroom taper techniques, complete with overflowing bubbling effects that create their own gratifying imprint. However, just as with most singles that we run across these days, the true gem lies secretly on the b-side with "Hidden Automatic." The synth hook in this track is as enthralling as any of the output their influences could ever put forth themselves, and although the hushed vocal track seems buried under countless layers of delightfully sticky fuzz, it all comes together seamlessly to confirm that this is one of the best new "bands" to rear its head from the slimy cesspool of the home recording ghetto. Just as Spider broke themselves out of the mold on their debut, so will Nice Face. Actually, to stand out in the hit-or-miss field of over-doing-it-yourselfers that pop up on a daily basis is the true sign of a real trailblazer, so watch out for Nice Face to get right up in your ugly mug even more in the coming months on a few hotly anticipated releases.

With a reported 12-track cassette on the way from Jerkwave Tapes, and a track called "Juju for Jenkem" on a forthcoming Jenkem compilation (!!) on Killer Diller, it's about time you familiarized yourself with Nice Face and prepare to go above and beyond to get this record into your unwashed hands. Pick up their debut 7" direct from Sacred Bones right HERE, or via our fine mailorder affilites such as Goner, Floridas Dying, and Rocket Reducer before the pressing runs out and you're disappointed with your own face, as usual.