BREAKING SOUNDS: Musk 2: The Second Skumming LP

posted Wednesday Feb 1st, 2017

GNARLY. It's just not a common attribute you see many modern bands striving for these days, and got-dammit if Musk don't just reach right up and grab the ring. With their debut LP and its garish three-dimensional cover art causing nightmares across several continents upon release into the main water supply in 2014, the upheaval is truly upon us with Musk 2: The Second Skumming, another ghastly collection of filthy, blues-charred apocalyptic punk sludge that you won't find yourself falling asleep to any time soon. The soundtrack to a burned-out car chassis with a building being torn down behind it, Musk walk the dark-lit line down the treasure trail of lost Chrome Cranks, Scientists, feedtime, Grong Grong, and Laughing Hyenas scraps, only flickering visible through the light when the crash comes down like a bludgeon.

Although it's gonna be hard to top the packaging on the debut LP, Second Skumming resists the sophomore slump, noise-wise, and rips through the chaff like a rusty scythe, crushing and petulant one second, sulking and delirious the next. It's quite refreshing to bask in an ugliness this tangible coming out of Oakland, CA these days, isn't it? Bad vibes, bad moods, bad judgement, and bad intentions all come together AT LAST for once, and the long-gone NY pigfuck icons of yore are surely smiling down upon these soiled specimens of sadistic song structure. Negativity and animosity go a lot farther than sunshine and lollipops in music, except in the case of the Archies, but that's another story, so get your scowl on and plug your head into Musk 2: The Second Skumming, available in record stores everywhere, or direct from 12XU right HERE.

STREAM a few tracks from the LP right HERE: