posted Thursday Sep 18th, 2014

A rock 'n' roll animal like none other in our great metropolis of Chicago, MAMA bomps with abandon and will settle for nothing less than pure, unbridled freedom. Pumping out a unique brand of '70s hard rock meets power pop meets punk rock, these boys have unleashed a sound free of pretension and full of sincerity, and they don't give a fuck that what they're doing isn't fashionable. MAMA goes wild on stage. MAMA shreds with wild guitar solos. MAMA serenades wild babes with beautifully naive lyrics that have traveled to our burned-out wasteland of irony and nihilism through some benevolent time warp, transmitting a hidden message: all is not lost, it's OK to be happy, the future is still out there and can be ours, but only if we really want it.

MAMA releases the 'Speed Trap' EP Saturday night 9/20 at Auxiliary Gallery with Negative Scanner, Wizard Castle and Blake, and if you can't make the show, be sure to order the EP here.