BREAKING SOUNDS: Lawrence Wasser 7" EP

posted Thursday Aug 31st, 2006

With the recent release of the Tete' de Bebe' compilation on SS Records, the French Glue Wave has washed ashore. It's rusty circuitry and angled no-wave ebb away at the wall that kept many of us from twirling to industrial noise in goth capes years ago, but here we are and the time is ripe for it. It's not hard to remember that pre-gothic Joy Division turned into the post- pre-teen electro-pop New Order in just a couple of years. As odd as it seems, it was just a couple of years ago when The Hunches "Fuck Disco Beats" single hit, and now a handful of dog years down the road and everyones digging' the rapid tempo thump. And there's that weird intersection where No-Wave's accumulating and perfectly repetitious drum beats swerve into the opulent aural arena of disco, or something the raver kids could hone their glow stick routines to. I guess that's just how things work. James Chance, the Gloria Gaynor of the underground, was hip to this and behind his noisy sax jazz freak-out, there was that sequenced flavor drone beat, 25 years ago and now it's back.
Forming in Brussels in 2004, Lawrence Wasser's deviant sub-disco is for the future drudge. Like some of his French counterparts, The Electric Guitars, The Feeling of Love to name a few, he's throbbing at all the right angles. With a bizarre face mask and weird french floral print patterns, his schtick is a unique as they come. His premier single on the French Le Vilain Chien label features the pulsating and manic beats that beckon the same texture of the no-wave isochronal hip jerking groove. As a one-man outfit, the production has the chafed edges of a swanky bedroom recording. The vocals are a reporting strangulation of distortion while a frenzied horn erratically shrills over it all. The basslines are mechanically aligned with an anxious and robotic drill that will leave you twitching for more. Check out some tunes here.

Here's a live video available for download on the Lawrence Wasser website.