BREAKING SOUNDS: Kitchen's Floor debut LP

by Rawce
posted Friday Mar 4th, 2011

There have been a lot of bands coming out of Australia recently, some amazing, some not so amazing. Kitchens Floor, a Brisbane three piece, fits somewhere on the lesser side of that summation. The eleven songs on Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress pull from a variety of influences both old and (mostly) new - Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Times New Viking come to mind, but rarely do they find their own distinct sound and/or style. Sonic ranges go from melodic peaks to dire, discordant depths, the only constants being a shit-can recording and the welcomed brevity of the tracks (the entire record is less than twenty minutes).

When Kitchen's Floor does get it right, and there are a couple of incredible songs on this album, it’s because of their unapologetic approach to drone and repetition, best noted on the unfortunately titled, “Deadshits” and the album’s closer, “Twenty-Two." It’d be interesting to see what these kids could come up with if they tried a little harder at honing a specific sound, and were less want to span the ripe chasm of lo-fi indie rock. Either that, or start taking more drugs. Final suggestion.

Pick up a copy of Kitchens Floor's debut LP HERE or HERE.

And check out a video clip of Kitchen's Floor Live in Moorooka, for "Back Home" right here: