posted Wednesday Oct 21st, 2015

What turned out as a distracting collection of almost too-perfect pop songs has now turned into a full-bore obsession. How and why The Jeanies came into existence isn't anything really important, but somehow this band of Brooklyn guys has crushed an impossibly spotless full-length album of pop music so refined, yet perfectly mid-fi, you might find it hard to believe it was composed by modern humans. Somehow I'd not caught wind of this band via the normal routes of casual underground discovery, so when I finally checked out this material with undivided attention, I have to admit I was slightly confused as to when it had originated. Yes, these guys just nail that sound so well, I have to admit, I was duped. From the initial rush of the first track "I Seen Her Dance" it was impossible to not feel the early strains of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, which isn't exactly anything commonly thought of as "easy" to pull off, but luckily it just didn't stop from there. Each track was yet another revelation, this band couldn't really be knocking back these impenetrable styles so effortlessly, could they? But as each track elapsed, it was true, this is a serious contender for some of the greatest vocal harmonies you will hear this year, or next.

And as the vocals on The Jeanies debut LP are nothing to shrug off, truly some of the most memorable vocal hooks in recent memory, the musicianship is excellent overall as well, but the way these guys bring this warmth together is just too incredible to not share. Stringing along the spirited and impeccable nuances of Shoes, Dwight Twilley Band, 20/20, and even Milk N' Cookies into the mix and it'll be hard to come up another LP released this year that's garnered the description as "timeless," but this could surely be the one. Every rock'n roller across the country nervously whispering their name is surely on the horizon, but for now, you MUST dive head-first into this debut LP, originally released on cassette by King Pizza Records, and now available on Discos Regressivos in the proper LP format, and you know they won't last long.

If you're pop-inclined and have already sated your infatuation with the likes of Games, First Base, COZY, Exploding Hearts, Barreracudas, Gentleman Jesse and the like, you are going to fall so hard for The Jeanies, you might just need to get extra health insurance, it's just an over-effective dose of this purity you don't normally ingest in such large doses so you might need to check your policy. Seriously one of the most impressive pure pop LPs of the 2010's and a clincher for album of the year already.

STREAM the entire LP HERE and you can order the LP direct off the link on bandcamp page HERE, while supplies last!

Check out a full live session on 'Bedroom Eyes' right here: