BREAKING SOUNDS: Jack Name 'Weird Moons' LP

posted Thursday Jan 15th, 2015

If you found yourself oddly falling in love with the debut Jack Name LP last year, Light Show, you're not alone, and this follow-up LP Weird Moons will quickly fill that hole in your tarnished soul with oodles of spidery synth squiggles, and plenty of deranged pop swaths of unsettling color. Initially gaining traction as one of the members of the equally impressive, Los Angeles-based White Fence, Jack Name broke out into his own world last year, crashing forward with one of the most futuristic yet impeccably classic-sounding debuts in ages. With a tight grip on the early and massively-influential solo Brian Eno material, Jack Name has spun his addictive web of sound into a lysergic and luminescent well of quality material, which continues to shine brightly into this new album.

Where Light Show left off, Weird Moons steps in with an immediate tone of unsettling oddness, pulsing repetitively throughout each synth-laced sound scape, but instead of the flickering shadows of Eno this round, Jack Name has darkly delved further into the minimalist mindset, creating a stark contrast to the debut LP's undeniable pop saturation. Not to detract from it's brilliance, Weird Moons still has the chilling chops to undermine the senses, culling together a brutalist's vision of serenity, gorgeously streaked with the lights of early 80s Euro experimentalism.

It's simply a unrestrained and completely refreshing take on the modern psychedelic sound, which has been painfully diluted by the media in recent years to encompass a more indie rock-friendly palette, and hopefully the genuine weirdness oozing from each track Jack Name creates can cauterize that wound and return the style to form, he definitely has the chops and the momentum. By all means, pick up the debut Light Show LP on God? Records as well as the brand new LP on Castle Face Records, out next week and available at finer record stores, or direct from the label HERE.

STREAM two tracks from the new LP right here, along with one track from the debut LP: