BREAKING SOUNDS: Home Blitz 'Foremost & Fair' LP

posted Tuesday Apr 28th, 2015

After what seems like an eternity in the rapid-fire world of underground music, one of our old favorites from our first year of music coverage, Home Blitz, have unleashed their latest offering of impossible to categorize, burnt-ended pop wizardry in the form of their anxiously awaited Foremost Fair LP. Daniel DiMaggio and company are still pressurizing the same veins as their earliest incarnation did back in 2005, albeit slightly less neurotic, but no less impressively catchy. After ten years, anyone with a creative streak in their body will be exploring new sonic avenues, and since 2012's Frozen Track EP on Mexican Summer, they've introduced a heady and expansive openness to their signature style, resulting in an LP worthy of snagging your attention, and an overall album ripe with variety and deranged influences.

DiMaggio's breathy vocals on tracks such as "Sick and Crazy" even manage to reminisce a wild-eyed Brett Smiley, displaced from his effete glam rock template and thrust into a montage of ragged modern pop that's truly like nothing else being cranked out from the Richie Records/Testostertunes camp. Intricate melodics muddled into highly-emphatic song structures would normally scare away anyone with an ounce of taste, yet Home Blitz manage to tread the line between over-indulgence and unabashed enthusiasm for their craft incredibly well, especially for a slop-centered band that seemingly came out of nowhere in the mid 2000's with an EP that still has heads scratching for any grasp of comparison. Their endurance is endearing, their range of material is refreshingly untouchable, and their sound still remains peerless ten years later, which if that's not really the sign of a true original, I don't know what is.

Pick up the new Home Blitz LP at your favorite record store or mailorder spot, or direct from the label, right HERE.

Stream "I'm That Key" from Foremost Fair right here: