BREAKING SOUNDS: Hollow Mountain debut 7" EP

posted Wednesday Dec 3rd, 2014

Following a series of strong demo recordings and an exclusive session with Loud Loop Press, Chicago's hard-to-categorize and always heavy Hollow Mountain have broke through the surface and gushed forth a volcanic debut 7" EP, reeling with impressively hairy hard-rocking structures, and Sabbath-soaked vocal hook cadence delivered from Esther, one of the unassuming members of The Lemons. Further proving that the range of style is the benchmark of a musician's ability, Hollow Mountain also includes the savage guitar slashings of Steve Wichelecki, formerly of Pink Torpedo and The Catburglars, nailing down an ominous tone across this EP's duration that grimaces in pain, and rounding out the massive songs into monoliths of heavy good times gone wrong.

Although these songs seethe with the spirit of metal, (yet stick close to the riff and don't veer into any wanking solo territory) and would easily have any self-respecting whiplash-stricken headbanger in awe, there's also a clear pop sound simmering under the heaviness, and it's just that clever collision of styles that often makes a record so memorable. This is clearly the case with the debut 7" EP from Hollow Mountain, who don't have as many peers in the Chicago underworld as they should, so grab this 4-track 7" direct from Tall Pat Records right HERE, or pick up a copy at your local record store while you still can.

Don't miss Hollow Mountain Thursday December 4th at Emporium Arcade Bar as well, 21+ and FREE!

STREAM the EP (with BONUS TRACK) right here: