posted Wednesday Jun 21st, 2017

Alabama's doomedest dilettantes Gary Wrong Group, have been chugging along your main vein for a solid five years now, and this 2xLP scum-deluxe set of tracks collects all their material in one handy package, with some tracks appearing on vinyl for the first time as well. Can you feel that dull-edged, pulsing throb starting to surround you yet? Well, it's coming, and it doesn't even matter if you're high as fuck or not, Gary Wrong's ether-soaked emanations drill themselves into your skull pretty quick, and it's no use to resist at this point in your pathetic slide down the human evolutionary scale. If you're wise to the intricacies of Wizzard Sleeve before them, you'll already understand the lysergic consequences that lie within these grooves, and Gary Wrong Group is just a more finely-powdered algae rhythm to the endgame of that mindset.

"Patricia" leads off the 2nd side of the first LP and winds your head into it's web of deception and lies, swallowing expired medication and utilizing their repetitious charm and insidious irritation to great effect. Its just one Flipper-stroke away from certain underground stardom, and with a 2xLP as solid as this one, recently unleashed by 12XU Records, it's finally accessible to the single-celled organisms orbiting the outer perimeters of what's left of punk. Nothing abbreviated, Gary Wrong Group leave you with a permanent scar, full of deranged and blighted monotonous moronics, and bleakness for weeks. So if you hadn't been able to keep up with the 12" EPs and various split singles, this compilation, along with it's new material, should sate even the most salivating scene enemy.

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