Full OF Sorrow 12
Full OF Sorrow 12" EP/CDEP out now on Born Bad Records
posted Friday May 26th, 2006

Their cold wave vibes may make you shivver at first, but then an oddly familiar evil groove sucks you in and before you know it, your aggravated mind has soaked up the dreary and introspective anger of one of the best new outfits to bust out of the gates of the French empire since VOLT. As part of the Parisian "Happy Family" of friends, they formed in 2002 and like most of that country's underground noise bretheren, their musical tentacles reach into other bands, and often overlap over and over, and create an incestual landscape that's produced some very impressive results. Fred Campo who was most recognized from playing bass in Steve & The Jerks, (also currently in Anteenagers MC, which are another essential band to check out) now appears on synths in Frustration, and helps delve their dark and foreboding sound deeper into your subconscious. They released a self-titled 12" EP/CD in late 2004 on their own label, Blind Records (CD with bonus tracks on Manic Depression), and followed it up this spring with an excellent 4-song 7" on S-S Records and a brand new 12" EP/CD on Born Bad Records. Taking cues from the most frigid and austere tones created in the late 70s/early 80s by Crisis, Warsaw/Joy Division, and Wire, Frustration have blown open wide the apocalyptic weird-wave sound successfully solidified by the A-Frames into an international assault. Check them out here