BREAKING SOUNDS:Francis Harold & The Holograms

posted Tuesday Apr 22nd, 2008

Just as the massive volume of faceless noise smiths reaches a formidable breaking point, Going Underground Records forges the debut 7" by Francis Harold & The Holograms that breaks into the inner sanctum of unparalleled animosity that lies shivering in the dark corners of the soul. As one band of the seemingly endless anonymous-styled groups that's popped up overnight like weeds in the past few years, these guys have actually played a few live shows, so you can already cut them a little more slack. With such a lengthy band name and no real reference points from the safety of their Bisbee, Arizona black hole, Francis Harold & the Holograms pull themselves up to the surface from the primordial ooze and combine the blunt force of a caveman's club with the swarming sonic mess of hurricane fighter planes into a teeth-shattering mess of wonderment. Like the filthy lineage of curmudgeons before them such as Flipper, Brainbombs and Hawkwind, they twist the two riff theory into a religion in itself, and tear out the throats of anyone that doubts their real ferocity in the sick world around them.

The arid and depressing Arizona heat can drive even the tamest souls into a life of turpitude, and not since the first spurts of Tokyo Electron and Digital Leather has this kind of glorious garbage made it out of the womb with such insanely good results. On the lead-off track, "The Eagle Can't Fly With One Wing," it's apparent that Francis Harold and crew are not here to let you down easy, but through their drugged-out, pummeling thug punk, they break down the morals and inhibitions of the feedback generation in ways you never thought possible with a guitar. Like the other excellent releases on Going Underground, the sleeve designs vary, but the garbled and beautiful bleeding noise stays the same, so pick up a copy of this thoroughly penetrating version of what's lurking in punk's darkest corners. If you were bowled over by TV Ghost's unhinged agenda, you'll fry your mind even further than medically advised with Francis Harold & the Holograms, so don't let this one pass you up, and keep your eyes peeled for whatever these unwholesome children conceive next. Pick up a copy right HERE.