BREAKING SOUNDS: Day Creeper 'Central States' LP

posted Monday Apr 13th, 2015

After staying dormant release-wise last year, Columbus, Ohio's Day Creeper have gloriously returned to the fold with a new LP ripe with compelling hooks and robust songs, richly drenched with pure Midwest pop. Central States is just the kind of album that can only be made in Ohio, full of Great Plains grit meets the rejuvenating jaunt of the Reigning Sound, coercing into a headstrong, yet genuinely-produced delivery that's just as riveting and shambolic as anything left by their forefathers. A bitter riff here, an infectious backup vocal there, Day Creeper scratch their way across these twelve inches with a ragged substance that digs itself even deeper into the grooves that most bands of their ilk, driving home a brutally honest take on this tried-and-true Midwest rock'n roll template.

If you've been following the lineage of great Ohio underground rock'n roll over the past 40 years, you won't need much convincing it's just something "real" sewn into the fabric, and for that we're all better off. So check out a few streaming tracks off the new Central States LP right here on bandcamp and pick up the record at your favorite record store or mailorder spot, or direct from Superdreamer Records right HERE.