COZY 'Kiss Me Dummy" 7"

posted Monday Jun 30th, 2014

As COZYmania continues to sweep the heartland of America after blinding the UK ravers for the last few years, the glossy lads have decided to stop the beating hearts of bubblerock-obsessed teen-agers across the globe and release a new 7" single, two devastatingly pure pop cuts which you won't be able to stop dancing to, and that's OK! You might even feel a little "funny" when those thunderous drums take hold of your hips, and those gummy vocals take hold of your lips and that's OK too! For a band that delivers an upper-respiratory knockout performance every night, wowing fans into states of pop-shocked delirium, this is BIG NEWS from COZY, and your record player is about to become your most important household appliance. Once these sweet grooves set in, BAM! It's over, you're hooked and it's never felt so good.

And if you can even stand it, the A-side of this spectacular single, "Kiss Me Dummy" is pulled straight from the platinum-bound COZY debut LP, Button By Button, out next month on HoZac, so that's something to keep your chin up for, not to mention a ray of sunshine to brighten your day. But the real treat is the buttery crunch of an ever-lovin' B-side in the form of "Show and Tell" which is exclusive to this single, thereby making it an essential piece of the hearts of true COZY fans.

Pick up a copy of the single out now on Secret Mission Records, or available via your favorite mailorder spots, and only the best record stores.

Check out a video clip of COZY live in the studio on Jazzed Up And Bonkers Radio show, singing their newest hit, right here!

And check out COZY performing the A-side live, while effortlessly moistening the jeans of everyone in attendance at the sold-out HoZac Blackout Fest in 2012, courtesy of Canderson, right here: