BREAKING SOUNDS: Chrome Reverse debut LP

posted Tuesday Jan 3rd, 2017

The French obsession with rock'n roll can never be denied or constrained, and as they have collectively displayed over the years, no nook or microcosm shall go unturned. And as the strains of the Glue Wave sound have washed away after a ten year period, you can still find the original progenitors of the 90's wave standing tall and moving in all sorts of different directions. Here we have two veterans of the French punk underground, Iwan (No Talents, Operation S, Les Terribles) and Lili Zeller (Splash Four, No Talents, VOLT) shedding their anger and tension in favor of a boppin' late 50s style shanking, complete with juvenile delinquency dripping off the edge of the knife.

Lili's vocals and shredding guitar scree on Chrome Reverse's recordings don't exactly overlap with her earlier material as a dark-hued synth punk progenitor, but the rollicking Wanda Jackson meets Gene Vincent covering the likes of Chuck Harrod & the Anteaters and Bob Callaway & the Spiro Hep Cats hits you like a brick to the head just fine, and you probably won't see it coming. Pulling direct inspiration from 50s-era Back From the Grave/Sin Alley style bands might not be the typical trendy musical style of the day but it's sure a rocket-powered blast to the dome when you haven't heard anything like this in a while, very refreshing.

So stream a few tracks from the debut LP They Wanna Fight! right here and look for it soon in fine record stores everywhere!