posted Friday Mar 23rd, 2007

That beautiful line between beer-flinging weekend rampage rock and admirable power-pop is the perfect sound. The hooks are contagious and dirty enough to keep the gutter smile smeared across your face, but don't sway so far into the toothsome zone of intonation to the point of feathered hair. The sweet spot of loose moral capacity, a stout guitar sound, and gruff vocals is rarely hit without a missed swing or two, but the Memphis foursome, Boston Chinks tug it out perfectly with their debut release this month on Goner Records. Although, not being from Boston, nor being Chinese, these young desperados plow through four hits without a breather and leave you salivating for more. And with a European tour backing and opening for Jay Reatard's new solo venture, you can bet we'll be hearing more from them. You can check out a couple of there tunes here and buy their single directly from Goner here.

Below, enjoy the Boston Chinks performing the title track from their debut single on Goner.