posted Wednesday Oct 14th, 2015

What's this? Another band busting up through the Brooklyn underground that's not some limp-wicked group of charlatans wearing those annoying floppy oversized adjustable baseball hats? That's right America, Ballroom are one of the few leading beacons of hope from a dismal New York City that has become inundated with 'safe-as-milk' Disney-backed indie rock bands clamoring for the next chance at the brunch-rock title, that you might have forgotten what a protruding, ugly, and virus-swaddled New York band really sounds like. Fronted by Eric Cecil, who played a damn fine guitar in Chicago's Busy Signals back in the mid 2000s, as well Home Blitz' Theresa Smith on bass, Kristian from Woman and Steven from Wilful Boys, Ballroom takes off on a far different course, combining bleak post-punk with guts leaking out all over, right into solid antagonistic repetition that resembles your daily drill just to tread water in life. With a few years under their belt Ballroom have already stormed across the USA twice and now they've got the 12" goods to back it up. With a pummeling initiative that hearkens back to the halcyon days of The Chrome Cranks, Lubricated Goat, The Moodists, Pussy Galore, and later-period Scientists material, Ballroom joins the small but growing ranks of the modern pig-fuck sound, and they bring the heat so close to your face you'll begin to smell the burning flesh within minutes.

Released recently on Ever/Never Records in Brooklyn, don't miss out on your chance to cut yourself off from society in style, with this pounding, festering wound of a debut EP, ominously encircling your comfort zone and surely ushering Ballroom into one of your most private spaces. We need to bring this type of anger back in style, we need to make sure our borders are safe, and we're always going to need the irreplaceable thrill of the walls of noise closing in around us as the ugly and monotonous creeping threat of danger is brought back into underground music. Forget about my postage stamp scandal, what's the one thing a tight pair of pants and a cheap hotel have in common? NO BALLROOM.

STREAM the debut EP right here, and pick up a copy wherever fine records are sold, or direct from Ever/Never Records right HERE