BREAKING SOUNDS: Apache 'Boys Life' 7"

posted Friday Nov 16th, 2007

Just when it seems that no one can really effectively duplicate the early 70s glam sound, along comes Apache from San Francisco with a ramrodding, yet slovenly swing that booms and crushes those notions into a fine powder. This week's feature 7" is their debut release, and since it's on the Douche Master label, you can tell right off the bat that they will be hard to forget, and you'll quickly hear how this record is a solid testament to modern testicular pop perfection. Both songs reek of mid 70s delinquency, torn jeans and the thrill of skipping class, and they lace their classic hooks as deep as anything churned out by Iron Virgin, The Plod, or Bearded Lady in their time.

The hard-banging a-side, "Boys Life" traces Apache's sleazy lineage through several generations of degenerate decomposition and even rekindles the prime-grime of Alice Cooper's early 70s caterwaul with gut-wrenching ease. However, "Crystal Clear" lurking on the flipside is the real clincher here and pounds their belligerent agenda into your head mercilessly as they build up and tear down the primordial rock'n roll template like they own it. The songs are both infectious, uncompromisingly loud, and way too short, which is always a good thing when you're talking about something heavy, like the sound Apache throws down. You can just tell these guys are a magnet for trouble, and when is that ever a bad thing in rock'n roll? They've managed to construct a sloppy tightness that's always out of reach for so many others, and the cocksure strut in their songs is as refreshingly overwhelming as the scarves that match their outfits. You may also recall Carlos from The Cuts in the fold, reinforcing that you can count on a subdued pop backbone, and along with the other three scroungy ruffians, it's just a matter of time before they've busted their way into the hearts and homes of America's wayward youth. With a strong kinship to the bedazzled thugs The Time Flys, Apache keep their hands on their crotches and their hair just as long, but never slip into the dreaded 'stoner rock' rut. And with a recent signing to Birdman Records this fall, expect to see their full-length debut out sometime very soon. Forget directions to the party, these guys "are" the party, and you'll be sorely missing out if you don't get their first record in your hands soon, available right HERE.

check out a live video clip of the track "Boys Life" courtesy of newusedrecords right here...