Bo Diddley Honored By NYC's Top DJs

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Bo Diddley Live by Canderson
posted Wednesday Jun 27th, 2007

This Friday in Brooklyn, find it in your inner rock'n roller to come out to Don Pedro's for a night of 500% real rhythm as seven of the metropolitan area's finest DJs play records in homage to the man who started it all, Mr. Bo Diddley. With a simple formula applied to the night's festivities that draws the line at either Bo songs, covers of Bo songs, or even the enormous bag of songs that have swiped Bo's patented beat for the past five decades. In case you weren't aware, Bo was admitted to the hospital last month after suffereing a stroke and had to cancel a string of live performances, which left his fans grief stricken across the globe. He's still recovering and although it still isn't clear if and when he'll be back on stage, it's your duty to make the best of the situation by climbing down off of your high horse to shake some ass cheeks to his inimitable sound provided by New York's finest crate-diggers. Featured in the DJ lineup are Crypt Records' Tim Warren, Norton Records' Billy Miller and Miriam Linna, Todd-O-Phonic from Telstar Records along with WFMU's Dave The Spazz and Rex Doane, who will be shimmying uncontrollably with local record-heads Bazooka Joe and Andy Little Killer. When you try and wrap your delusional mind around exactly how many options there really are that fall within these DJ parameters, you'll quickly realize how vast Bo Diddley's influence has run, and why he's always felt so eternally ripped off. Just think about how much Buddy Holly, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones owe alone and you'll get the picture, not to mention the literal thousands of lesser-known usurpers who have gleaned seconds of glory while aping Bo's beat. So come on down to Don Pedro's and shake those cheeks like it's the last day of the week, and this time, do it for Bo!

check out a rare early 70s clip of his signature song right here...