Blank Its Align With Vapid and Ladies Night at Pat's Pub

Blank Its Live at Chicago Blackout 2005 photo by <a href=
Blank Its Live at Chicago Blackout 2005 photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Sep 6th, 2007

Friday night in beautiful Vancouver, don't fall asleep at the wheel and come check out one of Seattle's lowest profile mind-benders, the Blank Its as they tear down international boundaries and congregate upon the patrons of Pat's Pub for a voracious display of tension-testing robotic punk carnage. I got a chance to catch Blank Its opening up for Chrome back in June at the Funhouse and even though it had been over two years since I last saw them on stage, they blew everyone back with hypnotic songs from other worlds and had incorporated another handful of new numbers to their already impressive set. Known as a band that doesn't seem to get out of town much, this weekend's trip to Canada should put a spring in their step and they'll hopefully squirt out another record of some sort, in the near future. Their debut LP on Empty took too long to come out and the production left some folks flat, but with their resilient songwriting still simmering under the surface, it seems to be only a matter of time before their nasty noise-bled and jadedly jagged songs re-emerge in one format or another. The two songs you can check out HERE seem to be still forthcoming, so check them out along with the excellent 'Ride in The Sunshine" from their golden demo recordings that circulated around the last two years. Hopefully someone will get up the good sense to approach the Blank Its and release these festering gems before the band loses interest in reality and drifts back into the depths of obscurity.

Vancouver locals, Ladies Night hold the fort down by being the most frenetic live band in town, and dole it out in spades as they scream serrated soliloquies to great effect, and simultaneously increase the sperm count of the crowd in attendance. Their crashing white noise, laced with devious and clever imperfections should be all that you need to get your blood pumping, and tonight Ladies Night have the floor to themselves as they terrorize their hometown in the best way possible. Vapid also share the bill and throw down a sloppy mess of caterwauling and disjointed punk that should slap that stupid smirk right off your dumb face within seconds. With no records out yet and such a formidable sound, hopefully you'll be seeing and hearing more of Vapid in the comforts of your own home soon, but head down to Pat's Pub Friday night to cauterize your cranium in the meantime.

check out a video clip of Ladies Night at Pub 340 last fall right here...