Black Time Invades the West Coast

Black Time Live 2006
Black Time Live 2006
posted Wednesday Mar 21st, 2007

Black Time is coming to America, and they’re actually gonna make it this time. Fuck shattered wrist bones and devastatingly bad luck, the London three-piece, led by the diabolical Lemmy Caution, is kicking off their first ever U.S. tour up the west coast this week in Santa Ana. For those of you that always wanted a band to sound like the carnage of Crime and The Hunches attacked by a mutant vampire with a guitar… well, Black Time’s disasterously controrted rock'n'roll is it. For a band that prides itself on “talent over ability, ideas over proficiency, energy over competence,” it’s no wonder both their records ended up on In The Red (Blackout, their first album, was issued on CD by In The Red after originally being put out on vinyl by Concrete Life). Seeing them play live is gonna be fucking madness, and it’s a chance to see just how disturbingly-crude Black Time can get. And watch out for something a little slow and dirty amongst all that sweet-god-awful racket, but I’m not talking about the drunk chick that always ends up right behind you. Black Time might just showcase songs from their upcoming album, still very much in progress but already turning into a bizarro “rocknroll funeral march,” and you can check out a new song from their split tour 7" right HERE.

Augmenting Black Time’s nasty angular insomnia on the tour will be the snarly 60’s-girl-group-inspired three-piece from San Francisco on Swami Records, The Husbands. You’re looking at a full-on onslaught of bratty, Headcoatee-esque man-eater rock'n'roll followed by a whole bunch of beer, followed by the demented no-fi charred remains of what use to be punk-rock before Black Time ravaged it with their toxic charm. And after that my friend, you’ll be reaching for the Tylenol. But not before you pick up the Black Time/Husbands tour split, put out by Chicago’s Show and Tell Recordings, so you can commemorate the crazy night when your head exploded from the inside out!

Don't miss the Black Time / Husbands tour along the west coast over the next two weeks:

22 Mar Jambalya Arcata, California
23 Mar Towne Lounge Portland, Oregon
24 Mar The Funhouse Seattle, Washington
25 Mar Pub 340 Vancouver, British Columbia
27 Mar Stork Club Oakland, California
28 Mar Scene Bar Los Angeles, California
29 Mar Alex's Bar Long Beach, California
30 Mar Tower Bar San Diego, California
31 Mar The Knockout San Francisco, California