Black Lips Trump NY Dolls At Coney Island Siren Fest

Black Lips Live at 2007 House Party by <a href=
Black Lips Live at 2007 House Party by Canderson
posted Thursday Jul 19th, 2007

Saturday in New York City at the world famous Coney Island amusement park, don't miss your chance to catch two of rock'n'roll music's most impressive live acts from then and now together onstage. The Village Voice's Siren Music Festival is upon us again and this year's gushers, the reformed New York Dolls and the Black Lips, will share the stage for the first time in a galactic meeting of the minds that can only be speculated as insane from a typical bystander's viewpoint. Although the Dolls are sorely lacking in the 'original member' department (only lead singer David Johansen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain remain alive) and have issued an ill-conceived new album of material, it still should bring a smile to your face as they headline the fest into the Coney Island sunset. I guess if there was one time to see the "new" Dolls, this would be it as the festival is free to the public and since it's at Coney Island (one of the greatest places on earth), you won't be as bothered by their rendition of Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" as you would otherwise at a $25 show in a smaller venue. Don't get me wrong, the New York Dolls are one of the finest bands ever to come out of the US, and their legend is not even debatable, but at this stage of the game, it's probably better left to the reunion circuit.

Now who could save the day at Coney Island better than a young band at the top of their game like the Black Lips? These guys are jet-setting like crazy (heard about their tour of Isreal in June?) and just got back from a string of instore appearances and houseparties on the west coast in the SF and LA areas where they tore up those towns in the way they work best, in an intimate and sweaty setting surrounded by hordes of over-enthusiastic party people who could give two shits about corporate-sponsored outdoor festivals. Their new songs on the "Cold Hands" single are blowing minds and everyone waits with nervous anticipation at word of their next releases' availability. Pick up their latest live LP on Die Slaughterhaus (or CD version on Vice) right HERE and sit back in awe as they seamlessly break through into the mainstream music world to the virtual astonishment of their friends and peers everywhere. Other acts start at 1:00PM on two different stages right next to the immortal Cyclone rollercoaster, but be sure to catch the Black Lips set at 4PM on the main stage for an unforgettable afternoon at one of America's greatest attractions, Coney Island!

check out the new Black Lips promo video for "Cold Hands" right here...