Beerland Hosts Florida vs. Texas

Wax Museums Live 2006 photo by Mark Murmann
Wax Museums Live 2006 photo by Mark Murmann
posted Wednesday Oct 25th, 2006

This weekend in Austin, TX there's going to be a showdown of sonance at Beerland between the two most southern states in the union, Florida and Texas. Because both states skirt the Gulf of Mexico, along with Florida's general musical short man's complex, and Texas' inherent culture of tonal bullying masquerading as state pride, they've crowed themselves into an evident bloodshed and there's no backing down now. The two day event will feature bands from both states, along with part of the Florida's Dying label's catalog of bands performing intermittently in a caterwauling exchange of rock'n'roll. Oddly enough, the headliners opening night are Peelander Z, a band from New York. Maybe they're serving as mediators in the battle, as the self proclaimed “Japanese action comic book band” adorn themselves in bizarrely colorful get-ups that include feather boas and gold lame'. Though their sound isn't completely contrary to the other bands performing this weekend, they should stick out like a donkey in a donut shop. Supporting acts Friday night include Austin's The Teeners, along with Derek Lyn Plastic and The Pumpers. The band to see Friday is The Hibachi Stranglers from Mobile, Alabama, and their debut single on Florida's Dying will be available at the event. Their swampy bedlam pulls up to something similar to a later era Scientists, with hollow and twangy guitar and raunchy and lazy drum beats.
The Saturday night line-up is packed with some pretty mesmeric acts, including the callow 60s snot-pop enkindling, The Strange Boys from Dallas. The malignant and antagonistic Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys from Orlando put on a hazardous spectacle and open along with The Young. Another Florida act, Jeanie and the Tits out grew their Teddy and the Frat Girls cover-band slant and serve up a blatant bag of debased and sporadic noise. The highlight of the weekend is the Wax Museums, yet another Denton outfit who have droning and pitting vocals that run through scuzzy slow-witted guitar riffs. Though there's been no word of an official release yet, their tunes that have been floating around on the inter-web discharge a perfect mix of sonic retardation and maniacally simple songs. You can check out some of their tunes here.

And check out this video of Jeanie and the Tits.