AUSSIE SOUNDS: True Radical Miracle

posted Thursday Aug 28th, 2014

We're back with another lethal dose of raw Australian punk for your innocent ears, this time in the form of Melbourne's True Radical Miracle, a thuggish pig-fuck strut to stick in your head a la 80s greats Grong Grong, and King Snake Roost, in other words, a very brutal affair with lots of broken teeth and heavy plodding, all moving you in the right direction. Their two LPs, Cockroaches and Termites further reinforce their sadistic vision of a world in ruins, with all it's decrepit, decaying glory.

True Radical Miracle crash forth with a pummeling, ravaging groove, grinding your bones into dust and crushing your skull with each repeated revolution, and as one of the "other" notable Aussie bands on the Seattle Iron Lung imprint along with Total Control, it's worth a shot into your blackened hear to check out these ruthless and primitive, tension-filled songs.

Check out both LPs right here on Bandcamp, pick up the LPs, along with the new Total Control LP, on Iron Lung, and whatever you do, don't miss them in the Noise in My Head: Voices from the Ugly Australian Underground book, out soon!