5 SHOTS: Pissed Off Pete's April 23, 2010

The Outdoorsmen Live at Pissed Off Pete's in SF 2010, photo by <a href=
The Outdoorsmen Live at Pissed Off Pete's in SF 2010, photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday May 19th, 2010

This was my first time at Pissed Off Pete's in the Excelsior 'hood of SF, outta the way of the usual hipper areas I usually find myself in for shows. Parking was easier than usual but my special lady friend was not impressed by the foodstuffs in the general vicinity, as when we walked in, I thought I'd been transported back to a Midwestern sports bar! Perhaps south Chicago or suburban, maybe Milwaukee, or even Columbus? Anyway, it didn't have the typical feel of any bar I've been to in the Bay Area at all, and I kinda liked that. The beers were pretty cheap and the waitstaff was, well, a tad slow, but it seemed like it wasn't the sorta place that was typically packed full of rowdy, thirsty, punk kids. We got there too early of course, even though we got there 30 minutes after the advertised show time. I swear, I never get it right when it comes to show times. Always waaay too early or I miss the first or even second band. Oh well, better early than miss this night's first band.

Outdoorsmen might be one of my local faves. Pure energetic punk, barely sided with a dirty bit of pop. This was the last show with their current drummer and that's a shame 'cuz that guy's sick. Chad made sure to give him a proper farewell by cutting open his forehead when jumping on the bass drum during their last song. Ah yes, good stuff. They have a few 7"s out and a tape, so I suggest you find them and listen. And don't miss them live for sure. Local young derelicts The Impediments were next. They've been playing around for awhile now and just get better every time I see 'em. They sorta remind me of a young Radio Birdman or a waaay more complicated Heartbreakers. But I also imagine these same dudes could probably successfully pull off the next great prog-rock band, and I mean that in the best way, if there can be a best way to say it.

Band Name
The Impediments

Basically, I'm just highly impressed by each of these dude's musical talents. Next up was Mean Jeans from Portland, Oregon. Only sorta heard 'em on the micepiss and liked what I heard, but they brought it even more live. I guess a more punk version of the Ramones, is that possible? I couldn't say, but they had a Ramones-type thing going, and I don't mean in the Screeching Weasel sorta way. Not that I didn't like a couple of SW records back in the day, but yeah. Not at all like that. Crowd really seemed to like 'em too 'cuz shit was getting wild during their set. Wild enough to really piss off Pete, or whoever the barkeep was that
kept trying to stop the show, but the crowd and band wasn't having it.

Band Name
The Mean Jeans

Wild Thing brought their own brand of obnoxious slop punk trash to the house and didn't slow down the mood one bit. If you ain't heard 'em yet, just imagine a band that makes the Rip Offs sound like slow dance
romance music, with between-song banter that might make 'em the FEAR of our day. My favorite was Brace's response to somebody commenting on his fancy Buddy Holly shirt: "The only thing '50s about me is that I'm
racist." Oh yeah, fun shit. See 'em in a town near you as they hit the road with the Box Elders later this month, and buy their 7" too.

Band Name
Wild Thing

I was wondering if they'd be having more shows at Pete's after this but I see that the above-mentioned tour starts exactly there on the 20th, so you know I'll be there!

Band Name
Wild Thing