posted Monday Apr 21st, 2014

Chicago's Toupeé are a twisted, writhing, lecherous, and lumbering explosion of unsettling and invigorating noise. With a drifting post punk backdrop that encapsulates some of the farthest reaches of contrasting sound, their ability to straddle such a range of delicate tone with venomous vocals is just as intimately polarizing as you might imagine. A strangulated riff, punched repeatedly that continues to worm its way inside you, Toupeé are that rare flightless bird that has evolved to devour the young at heart and continue to confound scientists with their uniquely unpredictable, moody and intense sonic delivery. From heavenly hushed melodies interspersed with a ravenously scathing schitzoid scowl, this is one of the city's finest examples of creative punk output in a sea of recycling enthusiasts.

With their debut LP out on Chicago's Rotted Tooth Records, Toupeé have bridged their accessibility to your private spaces, so proceed with caution, as you just might find some broken razor blades hidden in that luscious head of fake hair.

Don't miss Toupeé kicking off the HoZac Blackout Fest on Thursday May 15th with Nones and Counter Intuits, and get tickets HERE.